CASA Programs of Louisiana

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October 20, 2015
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CASA Programs of Louisiana

  • TaskSocial Media Campaign

The mission of CASA is to give every child who has been abused or neglected and opportunity to thrive, and establish permanence with quality advocacy from a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) volunteer. Nationwide 933 local CASA programs recruit, train and support volunteers in their work with abused and neglected children. 92 West was hired to create and execute a social media campaign when local programs were in need of fresh perspective on educating the public on why being a volunteer is critical, not only the children, but an entire community through their individual social channels. The programs needed to increase number of volunteers, in order to serve more children within their specific parish jurisdiction. We knew general education and awareness were necessary to push forward messaging for volunteer recruitment. With an increase of volunteers, the success rate of children within the Louisiana system could increase.


-Create awareness of CASA as an organization and its need for dedicated volunteers.

-Educate public on how impactful a CASA volunteer has on a child and on an overall community.

-Drive traffic to local program websites for more information on becoming a volunteer.


-Over 20K people visited a program website during the campaign period.

-While we saw a diversity in audiences engage with content, overall, women 25-34 were the most engaged demographic

-Overall, ads reached 973,704 people across the state of Louisiana.


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