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October 9, 2017
successful holiday social media campaign

Hosting a Successful Holiday Social Media Campaign

The holiday season is approaching which means most businesses are hiring seasonal employees for extra hands, stocking up on inventory, planning store layouts and preparing for seasonal promotions. But what exactly sets businesses a part during this busy time of the year?  We’re talking about hosting a successful holiday social […]
March 31, 2017

Social Media News: Weekly Dirty 30

Here’s this week’s Social Media News: Weekly Dirty 30 with brief descriptions and links to READ MORE. Thanks to Ashlyn Dupuis, our Social Ninja! Facebook Split Testing Now Available to Optimize Campaign Efforts While split testing is not anything new, Facebook just updated its ad manager to optimize advertisers’ efforts […]
August 25, 2016

Lovemarks – Image & Branding: Who’s Doing It Right?

Hi guys, Alicia here! As you may recall last month, I told you a little bit about lovemarks. You know, those brands and products we can’t live without….the ones we really L-O-V-E love. There are 3 brands/products that I think really do image and branding right. Here are my Lovemarks: […]
June 28, 2016

More Love Less Brand

Being sappy is okay sometimes… *I say to myself while crying into my popcorn watching Me Before You.* Turns out, being sappy and embracing the love may be okay all the time. Ever since attending an AAF Acadiana Luncheon in May featuring speaker Mignonne Wright, I’ve had lovemarks on the brain. If you […]
March 11, 2016

Food-Prep Makes Life Healthy to Enjoy

    I’ve never met a bowl of gumbo I didn’t like, although if you’ve had it you know that my mom’s is the best.  That being said, we can’t eat gumbo every day. After coming to terms with this realization and wanting to get my body the food it […]