Hosting a Successful Holiday Social Media Campaign

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September 12, 2017
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December 2, 2017
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successful holiday social media campaign

The holiday season is approaching which means most businesses are hiring seasonal employees for extra hands, stocking up on inventory, planning store layouts and preparing for seasonal promotions. But what exactly sets businesses a part during this busy time of the year?  We’re talking about hosting a successful holiday social media campaign!

Social media has evolved to be essential for businesses, especially retailers. The fact is, your customers see your availability at their fingertips 24/7. Consider this: A customer has expressed interest in purchasing an item from your clothing boutique via Instagram and all they hear is crickets. And guess what? If this is a repeated problem, they are likely to not come back and in turn you have lost out on maximizing your sales potential. We want to you have your best sales quarter yet. So, to keep your business running efficiently and profitably, consider these three tips with hosting a successful holiday social media campaign:

successful holiday social media campaign successful holiday social media campaign

Prepare for heavier consumer care. Don’t forget about questions coming in from your social followers! Answering with a quick response time can be a huge profit in the long run. If you think your in-store foot traffic will take you away time from your online followers, it may be a good time for you to develop a Facebook Chatbot to help answer some of those common questions. Your customer will be happy to get immediate attention while you take care of the person needing your assistance in-store. Keeping this line of communication can definitely help make your holiday social media campaign successful! Also make sure you take advantage of thew new holiday stickers and gifs!

successful holiday social media campaigns successful holiday social media campaign

Host a giveaway. A number of statistical data and consumer surveys continue to show that a giveaway could bring in more profits in the long run when compared to a discount on your product or service. Not only are they more likely to make a purchase, studies show customers are more likely to talk about your product or services when they received it for free from a giveaway or as a free gift with purchase promotion. Giveaways can be exciting, but please be sure to thoroughly research the legalities before hosting a giveaway. 

successful holiday social media campaign successful holiday social media campaign

Avoid heavy promotional and sales-focused content. You’ll want to mix in some engaging content that is simply for building a deeper connection with your followers. Your social media channels are a reflection of the company, so imagine if you are constantly posting content that is cluttered with a heavy sales pitch. As a consumer, you would think that your in-store experience with be the same. Makes sense? All-in-all, there is nothing wrong with promoting your products and services, we all want to have a successful holiday social media campaign, but when you take it to heavy sales atmosphere, you’ll lose followers and potential sales.

Now for the big question: Are you feeling confident right now or a little stressed? Confidence is awesome and you’re on your way to a better holiday season. If this stresses you out a bit, let’s chat so that we can get you started to hosting your own successful holiday social media campaign!