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April 13, 2017
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April 27, 2017
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Instagram adds “Collections”

The platform added the capability for users to save posts with its bookmark icon. This week, Instagram launched collections which allow users to save and organize ideas.

What’s the perk for brands? The feature will allow users to save posts for shopping or planning, which could directly drive an increase in ROI.


Facebook Introduces Camera Effects Platform

In combining two creative tools, Frame Studio and AR Studio, Facebook introduced Camera Effects Platform at F8. From a still photo, users will be able to create their own augmented reality. Don’t be alarmed by the term, you’re already probably using some form of augmented reality.


Facebook Testing Color Coordinated Link Previews

You’re  likely not surprised to know that the psychology behind color is on top of every marketer’s mind when it comes to branding, email buttons, etc. So why wouldn’t we want to use the same strategy through content shared via social channels?

Facebook is testing color coordinated link overlays that reflect the color most dominant in your imagery. We love the idea and hoping to see the update come to life.


Snapchat is Working on Self-Serve Ads

In order to gain a fair share of advertising dollars, Snapchat is working on launching a self-service platform for snap ads. Snap ads are full-screen, vertical videos that run between users’ curated stories and/or on the Discover section. Why we’re excited? The option will allow advertisers to have more control over the buy and performance metrics. Two capabilities that are currently unavailable.

We’re looking forward to seeing the growth of Snapchat with the update and its advantage on connecting consumers with brands.

Targeting In-store Conversions with “Snap to Store”

Snapchat vs Instagram Stories — do you have a preference? This just may be the golden ticket for Snapchat to stay in the game with Instagram stories vastly growing. With Snapchat still widely popular amongst Gen Y and Gen Z,  the new metrics will be a huge plus for brands targeting those loyal Snapchat users.


New Apps

For iPhone, iPad, and iMessage App users: Download the “Let’s Watch it!” app to live video chat while watching videos with your friends.

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