Social Media News: Weekly Dirty 30

Social Media News: Weekly Dirty 30
March 22, 2017
Ashlyn Dupuis Joins the 92W Team
April 13, 2017
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Here’s this week’s Social Media News: Weekly Dirty 30 with brief descriptions and links to READ MORE. Thanks to Ashlyn Dupuis, our Social Ninja!


Split Testing Now Available to Optimize Campaign Efforts
While split testing is not anything new, Facebook just updated its ad manager to optimize advertisers’ efforts and make the most out of budgets by “randomizing the audience based on people, not cookies.” Also, to get the most accurate results Facebook says it divides “the potential reach within the test among the ad sets.”

And it gets better; when there’s enough data, Facebook will let you know which ad version is performing the best, so making a decision to optimize campaign or wait to analysis at the end of the campaign is much easier!

Split Testing

More Ways to Share

There’s a new camera that will be rolling out to all users this week. How to use it? Users will now be able to swipe right from their News Feed to take pictures. Users will be able to apply a range of effects and filters, much like Snapchat, however, “Reactive Filters” is where Facebook takes the lead.

Facebook Testing GIF Comments
Facebook rolled out the ability for some advertisers to use GIFs through videos campaigns, and now GIFs in a Facebook comment should be available soon enough. It will be similar to how they are shared on Messenger: Tap on the “GIF” button, and you will be able to search through a collection of GIFs from GIPHY and other GIF “providers.”

Improvements to Local Search
The biggest improvement, in our opinion, is that Facebook is currently working on improving their local search functionality. This is an awesome improvement for both user experience and business growth through the platform.


Comment Threads Expected to Look like Messenger Conversations
Several tests are underway for design changes to make “a more visual and engaging place to have conversations.” It’s unknown whether these tests will lead to full features.

Colorful Status Backgrounds
Last year, Facebook announced that it would allow users to add colorful backgrounds to their status updates. While the feature was only available on Android devices, the feature will be rolling out on iOS as well.

Reactions and Mentions in Messenger
Reactions are finally hitting Messenger. Responding to those “I don’t know how to respond” messages, just got easier.  Another exciting update is the addition of mentions for group chats! Mentions are the perfect “way to directly notify someone when they’ve been mentioned in a conversation.” You already the drill — type the “@” symbol before someone’s name or nickname and it will pop into place.


Twitter to Present to Content Offerings
On May 1st, the company will be presenting at Digital Content Newfronts (for the first time ever)  and will announce a range of new original content offerings and live programming to those interested in reaching young connected international audiences. Stay tuned!

Twitter Expands Pre-Roll Video Ads to Periscope
With video viewership growing, Twitter has announced that pre-roll video ads will now be made on live and replay content on Periscope. Why is this a necessary upgrade for the platform? “Pre-roll ads on Periscope video enable brands to marry their message with specific broadcasts from creators and publishers.” For creators, it opens a new stream to monetize and for advertisers, it’s a new source to reach target audiences through brand-safe videos.


Instagram Introduces Blurred Content
While Instagram runs a pretty tight hold on their community guidelines, there are still video and images that are sensitive in nature that slip through the cracks. The latest update will “blurring” some of your content that has been reported.

In the same stroke, Instagram is also opening two-factor authentication to all users. To enable it, go to your settings, scroll to “two-factor authorization,” and select “require a security code.”

Ability to Book Services in Instagram Coming Soon
In the latest push for business success, Instagram is continuing to develop business profiles, with features like the ability to book a service directly from its Instagram profile. While we wish this was available sooner, you can expect the roll out later in the year.

Instagram Rolls Out Product Tagging
While the feature on been available to a handful of US retailers, we’re anxiously awaiting the capability for all business pages. What makes this update so special? Businesses add up to five product tags on images. When a user taps on a tag, more information about that product, such as prices, are shown. When the “Shop Now” button is tapped, the user will be sent to the specific product page instead of one general page.

Kate Spade from Instagram for Business.


Connected Bitmojis Can Now be Added to Home Screens
The new feature allows users to turn their friends’ Bitmoji into widgets on their home screen, which they can then tap to get to the chat with their friend. The catch? Both users and their friends to have Bitmoji before it can work.


Cards and End Screens over Annotations
In part of YouTube’s effort to help creators reach more fans and keep them engaged. After the release of Cards and End Screens into its platform, the feature became increasingly popular. Now, YouTube is killing off annotations. Cards and End Screens are mobile-friendly, and they allow creators to poll their audience, create links to their merchandise, recommend other videos, and more.

Why is it important? Cards and End Screens generate 7x more clicks than annotations.


Promoted Pins are Now Available to ALL advertisers
Pinterest has announced that their Promoted App Pins, which they first unveiled back in October, are now being made available to all advertisers on the platform.