Dispatch: The Age of Exploration

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January 12, 2017
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March 22, 2017
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Have you ever tried to explain to someone what exactly public relations is? It’s a fun party game… you should try it! Public relations has always been an elusive discipline to summarize and adding social media to the mix certainly doesn’t help. From “marketer” to “facebook girl,” I’ve been called it all. Each title only skimming what I do within an hour of work much less an entire day.

Unfortunately, meeting with clients sometimes yields the same results. Make no mistake, public relations is a science at its core. But it’s a science rooted in human behavior and applied with a heavy dose of artistic execution. It’s wild and unruly. It’s intuitive and responsive. Sometimes it feels like pure luck but always involves lots of hard work. And if explaining public relations isn’t challenging enough, I’m gifted with the mission of explaining how 92W is different.

Typically, this is where I explain why approaching social media through the public relation’s lens is paramount to success. Although that is absolutely true, that explanation misses the je ne sais quoi that is essential to 92W. Then it hit me… we’re explorers. Think less Dora and more Amelia Earhart, Gertrude Ederle, or Marie Curie.

Just like these incredible pioneers, we don’t claim to have all of the answers for our clients, but we will find them. We’re scrappy – using our expert knowledge and constantly observing the world around us leads us to remarkable treasures for our clients. We’re tireless – never satisfied until we’ve reached the peak (and posted an Instagram from the top). We’re not a one-size-fits-all firm – each client is an expedition that requires unique gear and game plan. We get our hands dirty, put our hearts in it, and live for the thrill of the hunt.

So 2017 is our year of exploration and adventure! We’re accepting new expeditions, navigating new territory, setting our sights on higher peaks… and you can follow along!

–Abi Falgout
Creative Director

dispatch: the age of exploration