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November 18, 2016
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Working in social media grants me different opportunities to take my experience beyond that of a social media user. Several times throughout the day, I find myself having to switch gears and look at my work from every angle. Is this personal preference or will this actually be effective for the client? Is this what I want to see in my feed or what most people want to see?

After 5 pm, I switch off Content Manager brain and look to my favorite blogs, Snapchat accounts, and Instagram accounts to keep me inspired. But as with anything you dedicate most of your time to, it’s hard to shake the guidelines I follow day-to-day for work. That being said, ’tis the season for all things holiday and I’m here to share some of my favorite holiday campaigns this season that from a professional and personal standpoint.

#1 Groupon: Give the Gift of Experience

Simple, straight-forward, and works with the brand.

c700x420-1 favorite social holiday campaigns


Groupon gets a bit of an edge because who doesn’t like saving money? Being a retailer of a vast variety of products and services can be difficult to successfully conceptualize into a campaign.

Groupon’s holiday campaign of “Give the Gift of Experience” is a clever way to get more traffic to their site this season. They build on the idea of giving someone something more than just an item, but giving them memories and experience. Gift your active friend five yoga classes, gift your foodie friend a wine and cheese tasting, or gift your adventurous friend a helicopter tour!


#2 Target: Make the Holidays Spectacular

Festive, kitchy, modern, and sentimental.

target-holiday-ads-hed-2016 favorite social holiday campaigns


Target’s modern interpretation of holiday traditions is spot-on. Your favorite holiday cookie is now a news reporter, Ginger Breadington.

And the classic holiday musical The Nutcracker is now The Toycracker with celebrity couple John Legend (Rat King) and Chrissy Teigen (The Nutcracker) and costars Trolls, Elmo, and LEGO Movie characters.

These light-hearted fun promotions along with Target’s numerous holiday deals are a recipe for success.


#3 Loft: A-Z for Holiday

Well-thought out, applicable to the entire store, and shows festive personality.

untitled favorite social holiday campaigns


Loft’s A-Z for Holiday page wins it for me. With a mix of products and personality, Loft successfully promotes their inventory while spreading holiday cheer. Highlighting specific items that have been styled with the season’s themes in mind creates a cohesive look that works well with the rest of their festive ideas.

While “F is for Faux Fur” and “P is for Pajamas”, Loft doesn’t use every letter to promote sales. “C is for Charity” and includes links to St Jude and Give Back Box. “J is for Jokes”  and includes gems like: What do snowmen like to do on the weekend? Chill out.



The same tools and tricks that can be used by a company year round for campaigns and promotions can be applied to a holiday campaign. Keep a clear goal in mind, make it simple and easy on consumers, and show personality by having a little fun.


Happy Gifting!

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Alicia McClendon
Account Manager