Learning the Ropes: Tchoup Trip

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November 10, 2016
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November 18, 2016
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I was initially introduced to a stunning Tchoup bag by Laurie, owner of Ninety-Two West, once she officially announced that 92W signed on to manage Public Relations and Social Marketing for Tchoup. She familiarized us with the brand and after hearing about all of Tchoup’s unique qualities, so I was super excited to take a trip to the Tchoup Shop. I mean, who wouldn’t get excited to go on a road trip to New Orleans and meet the owner behind the bags.

After patiently waiting, it was finally time to take the trip. The entire 92W team piled into Abi’s car, and I must include that our ride to Nola was the epitome of a family road trip. The two-hour ride consisted of lovely (and I mean lovely) singing from Abi and Laurie, old school hip-hop music, and endless conversations. Let’s just say this car ride was short, hilarious, and definitely unforgettable.

We arrived in New Orleans, and of course we had to stop at District for donuts. Afterwards, we walked onto St. Mary’s Street where the Tchoup Bags lived. As being a first Tchoup Bag explorer, I was impressed with the layout of the store. The display of merchandise was aesthetically pleasing, and to top it off, it was awesome to watch the artists create the bags on-site.

The owner of Tchoup Industries, Patti Dunn, went into detail about how the bag was made. Here’s what I learned about these cool bags:

  1. The bags are all handmade in New Orleans.
  2. Everything that is used to make Tchoup bags are sourced from The U.S.
  3. The handwoven Fabric Panels are always unique.
  4. Certain Tchoup bags consist of Louisiana alligator hyde.
  5. And most importantly, the bag has a bottle opener.

A trip to the Tchoup store is definitely worth one’s while, unless you’re a sucker for cute bags because you may come out with little to your name.

The other road trip purpose, alongside touring the store, was to meet with the owner to discuss PR and social. Danielle presented to Patti, and it was interesting to see how PR firms communicate with their clients.

Before we headed back to Lafayette, we ate at Lüke on St. Charles Ave, and I think everyone enjoyed the delicious food because the car ride back was as silent and snoozy as ever.

This was definitely a great learning experience, and I can’t wait to have my very own Tchoup Bag.

–Diamond Lyn Smith, model on the right


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