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October 13, 2016
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November 2, 2016
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Coming off of the creativity buzz from our latest round trip to New Orleans, I took home 5 extra pounds and one recurring theme in the social world – takeovers.

Our job as social marketers is constantly trying to share through a brand’s eyes. Part of that can include how others experience it. Sitting at the round (sewing) table of our meet and greet with new client Patti Dunn, founder of Tchoup Industries, she shared that there is always the search for inspiration of how to put her product on others, but to have it shown from their point of view. An idea of how to expand on this was social takeovers.

You may have come across a Snap or two on your lunch break of a social takeover, offering a fresh twist to your already beloved accounts. Utilizing Snapchat can offer a real time experience for those looking to connect further into the daily shuffle of their favorite brands. While this is a fairly easy way to mix it up, there are a few key objectives to turn execution into strategic magic. givers2 taking over

Start by picking who you want to represent you. This could range from celebrities that rock your brand, to local influencers who show off the everyday use of what it is that you’re snapping. A way that we have implemented Snapchat takeovers at 92W is with Festival International de Louisiane. While 2016 was the first year to roll out the Festival Snapchat, we wanted to include what those involved really experience. We let bands, such as Givers, get their thumbs on the record button to show off what followers don’t always get to see. From pre-show warm ups, to how they spend their downtime, it was a great opportunity to show off another side of how a musician experienced the festival.

Set a few guidelines to make sure all content bases are covered, and keep in mind the main goal of the takeover. Are your intentions to increase awareness, gain followers, drive web traffic, or simply have a little fun? While you do want to give as much creative freedom to those who will be representing you for a day, it’s always helpful for the day’s honorees to know the expectations. It could be as easy as organizing an agreement for a post an hour and what you hope to see included, or range to a fully coordinated timeline for the length of the campaign and the promotion leading up to. The point of the takeover is to authentically tie your brand in with whoever is showing you off for the day. This way both sides have mutual satisfaction and you are expressed in a new way that connects with, and potentially expands, your audience.

Measuring the end results can help you plan for future takeovers. There are a few easy ways to do this to track your success:

  • Total Views – you can simply measure success by the amount of views per snap, and compare to the amount of followers you have for that social channels if this is something you have kept track of.
  • Completion Rate – If you have more than one post making up the story, you can calculate completion rate by diving the last story’s amount of views by the first story’s amount of views. This is a great way to determine of the content was engaging and interesting to followers. Comparing percentages over time can help you develop content and takeovers that fans want to see.

Snapchat is an ultimate tool for testing and learning. While the content is easily changeable and does not live for more than 24 hours, it is a great opportunity to try options, measure, and tailor what associates best with your fans!

Lindsey Guidry, Account Coordinator taking over

Lindsey Guidry, Account Coordinator