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October 7, 2016
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October 26, 2016
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While waiting on my first day to start as an intern at 92West, Laurie contacted me asking if I wanted to start a little earlier than expected. She and Abi wanted me to work with them on a campaign for a local home show. While being sort of nervous because I have little experience with campaigns, I decided to take on the challenge.

headshot Learning the Ropes: Diamond Smith
On my first day at the office, Laurie, Abi, and myself jumped right into the campaign for the Acadian Home Builders Association “Home and Lifestyle Show”. They wanted to update their show and attract millennials. Laurie and Abi, who I call “masters of what they do”, executed a campaign and guided me throughout the entire process.

My first assignment was to research all of the ins and outs of popular home shows. I looked at their social media pages, their followings, and websites. I also looked at every detail of each popular show. I studied how many vendors each had, the layout, the types of seminars, and other important aspects of home shows. As you can tell, it was a pretty detailed assignment. However, the nitty- gritty part was my next assignment, which was to write the actual research section.

With the help of Abi and Laurie, writing the research section was pretty neat and not as intimidating as it seemed at first. Research is the most vital section because it supports everything else that is proposed in a campaign so it was incredibly important that I hit every key point. So as you can imagine, I spent quite some time working on it.

Finally, it was time to present the campaign to AHBA. I must say that this was the most exciting step of the process. It felt extremely good to finally show what we all worked so hard on.

After working in depth on my first campaign, here’s what I learned:

  • Campaigns consist of identifying the research, objectives, programming, and evaluation.
  • Research is the most important part of a campaign because it supports your claims.
  • The most appropriate and effective way to write a research section is to start with the introduction, identify the questions, explain the method then result, and include a discussion.
  • I learned how important it is to be able to identify and understand the target audience.
  • I noticed that being creative and innovative is a must when it comes to brainstorming new angles.
  • And most importantly, I learned that Abi and Laurie are AWESOME.

I also learned a few things as being an intern which are:

  • If you need help with anything, don’t be afraid to ask.
  • Always challenge yourself!
  • And if you ever take a public speaking course in school, make sure to pay attention because public speaking is a vital part in PR, especially if you have to present a campaign.