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September 29, 2016
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October 7, 2016
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Today I’m writing to you a bit defeated.

This is not only the second, but third rewrite of this blog. After drafting two separate blogs about different marketing concepts and failing at explaining them, I decided to just embrace being stuck and share with you a few ways I pull (sometimes drag) myself out of a creative rut.

While what works for me won’t work for everyone, hopefully you can apply these tips and methodology to your own life.


Stay Knowledgeable:

At our office, we all contribute to different parts of an account and sometimes that can mean falling behind in other aspects of the marketing world. Just because you aren’t responsible for certain duties in your position doesn’t mean that you can’t maintain your overall knowledge. This will only make you a bigger asset to your company and a more well-rounded employee.

  • Sign up for newsletters.
  • Touch base with fellow employees and utilize them and their fresh perspective to help give clients your best work.
  • Attend and listen in on webinars.

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Take Brief Breaks & Shift Focus:

Don’t get so far in a project that you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  • Take 5 minutes versus a 2 hour abandonment of a project before revisiting. Giving your brain a break will help tackle the project with more clarity.
  • Take a short walk, if you can. Even if it’s just around your office, get your blood pumping.
  • Answer a few emails so you can change your mindset and still be productive.
  • Hydrate and/or caffeinate! Step away from your desk to grab some water or coffee.


Change Your Environment:

More often, I find working from a new space can make a world of difference. I’ve started relocating to spaces with brighter, natural lighting to begin my more hectic days.

  • Find what space works for you. We all like different levels of lighting here so find a balance and adjust your individual work space accordingly.
  • Go somewhere new and different during your lunch break.
  • Re-organize your desk layout for a fresh, de-cluttered space.

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Become a Self-Proclaimed Expert:

The internet and social media are full of resources and sometimes other people who have been exactly where you are. Use them!

  • Not sure how to approach a project or assignment? Research other similar published works that can apply to the project at hand.
  • Not sure how to make a message come across through copy-writing, briefs, or POVs that will relate to your client/clients? Research similar brands or accounts for inspiration. Immerse yourself in the message that you are trying to recreate.


Get Inspired & Have Fun:

Feed your soul (sometimes literally). It’s well-known at 92W that I am a food fanatic. Whether it’s cooking, recipe hunting, subscribing to food blogs, or just plain eating…food is one of my passions. I feed that passion by using blog organization sites to send me a weekly email roll-up that highlights what’s new from my favorite blogs. This way there is always a quick dose of inspiration in my inbox.

  • Subscribe to your favorite YouTube channels and get alerts when new videos are posted. Have something to look forward to when you finish that “Mondayest” of work days and need to decompress.
  • Organize your blog subscriptions  and take 15 mins to see all your blogs in one place vs. hours of clicking link after link.
  • Hop on the bandwagon already and get some essential oils in your life. I’ll admit I was skeptical, but when the 92W resident #GirlBoss sprayed some “Focus” and “Happy” blends around the office, my mood got a little lift.
  • Keep peppermints in the office. My 5th grade science teacher used to hand these out before tests to promote focus and to this day I still use this technique from time to time. If it doesn’t work for you, at least they’re delish!
  • Sign up for Make Instagram work for you and your closet. Now your likes will be emailed right to you. Look your best and do your best.
    Creative Ruts & How to Get Inspired



And if you’re still stuck, remember it’s OKAY to fail.


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Alicia McClendon
Account Manager