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One of the things I get the most enjoyment out of in life is travel, and I’m blessed to have a job that allows me to do that often. Almost monthly I like to have some sort of trip planned to fulfill my wanderlust. It doesn’t matter if it’s a simple long weekend or tacking on a couple of days to a work conference or event. Travel is what keeps me happy.

So far this year I’ve traveled to place from Los Angeles to Chicago, to New York. In a mix of work and personal trips I’ve tried to experience at many new things as possible. As a social media manager I of course take the time to snap some pics for my friends to see, but I try to stay balanced. There’s a fine line between enjoying the moment and documenting it and missing out on the moment by documenting it.

Here are three examples of how I stayed social while living in the moment.

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For my trip to L.A. I took the time to just drive around and take in the surroundings away from the city. I took a beautiful drive that started on California 23 North through the hills north of Malibu and ended in the Hollywood Hills. Cell service dropped and I had the opportunity to really take in what was around me. Some great ways to still get “in the moment” images is to put your phone on airplane mode and take some Snapchat pics that will load when you get back to civilization. Also, Memories for Snapchat are a great way to keep your content fresh even if it happened earlier.

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My Chicago trip was for a conference I regularly attend each year for a client of ours. I spent 3 days in conference soaking up knowledge and advice by some of the top 500 companies in the nation. Once business time is over, though, I get to explore. There’s no losing signal in Chicago, but there’s so much to see. Often, I’ll walk a bit, and when I see something worth documenting I’ll take my phone out and snap a quick pic. I usually won’t post it right then, but wait till my legs needs a rest and stop in one of the many small parks around the city. While I’m there, I spend a few minutes posting a picture or two of things I’ve seen throughout the day. It’s a great way to explore and document without missing anything.

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My most recent trip to New York was a personal getaway to visit a friend. I spent my days doing “everyday life” things and my nights exploring the city with my friend.  In times like this the social media person in me wants to document all the awesome things around me, but I chose to leave my phone in my purse often and only take it out when I wasn’t actively participating in something with my friend. I found that I was able to fully put my attention to the city as well as my friend. It was a great getaway, and I was still able to show my friends what I saw.

We all want that perfect Snapchat or Instagram post to be a work of art and relay how awesome of an experience we are having. But there comes a time on every trip when you need to put the camera down and experience your surroundings.

Tell us how you document your wanderlust moments!