Snapchat for Brands: Be Creative With Retail

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July 29, 2016
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Here’s the snap!

It’s not a secret that Snapchat is a pretty big deal to the ladies around our office. On more than one occasion during the day you’ll see one or more of us sending, sharing, or watching a snap. One of the perks to being a social media manager is that you get to be on social media all the time, and now with Instagram Stories, the addiction just gets stronger! But let’s take step away from the personal perspective and look at it from a brand’s perspective.

Brands are taking Snapchat to a new level in order to reach users and increase sales. By utilizing tools on hand, brands are raising the content stakes for everyone.

The Content

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We’ve seen brands offer exclusive codes for Snapchat users and special gifts or discounts, but Warby Parker is taking it to the next level of creativity. They recently sent out a snap that had an exclusive URL to give their Snapchat users the chance to buy a limited pair of sunglasses for $95. It only lived on their story for 24 hours and after that whoever didn’t grab the link missed out.

warb-420 Snapchat for Brands: Be Creative With Retail

A lot of brands wonder how they can utilize Snapchat to make an impact on the audience there, and what Warby Parker did is a perfect example. Be creative (as the channel was meant to be) and offer users a reason to want to keep watching your snaps.

The Results

Creativity doesn’t stop there for Snapchat. In order to measure your success, you’ll need to be resourceful with the information at your fingertips. Mike Delgado has a great blog about measuring your success on Snapchat that I found was spot on! By measuring things like Views, Completion Rate through views, Screenshots, Snapbacks, and clicks on URLs you can get a better idea of how your content is performing. It’s not as solid as what’s available for other social media outlets, but it’s a start.

So the next time you’re thinking of what you can do to engage your Snapchat audience, take a step out of the normal box and push your limits on creativity by utilizing all the platform has to offer.


Snapchat for Brands: Be Creative With Retail

Danielle Kelehan

Manager, Advertising & Analytics