How Important Is A Social Media Coordinator?

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June 17, 2016
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June 27, 2016
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Notes from the desk of a social media coordinator – and how to generally use social to connect with your public.

As a social coordinator, most of what comes across my to-do lists are the daily tasks to keep an account on track and running steady. The position sets you up as someone who is constantly in the buzz, the conversational voice of a client or brand, and the person who not only has to analyze the audience base as a whole, but how to adapt to each individual within that base to meet their needs. I find myself with a more heightened sense of how organizations utilize their social media and analyzing how their efforts are affecting them as a brand. Social is no longer just the place to post your political opinions and what you ate for dinner, my friends – it is a hub where an audience seeks out information and to engage with brands they feel connected to. Here are a few insights as to what I keep in mind when running a social account:

  1. Be relatable – Connect in the way you market to your audience as well as the conversation that follows. Building a trust with your fan base will lead people to be more inclined to engage with you in the future. Create a voice that keeps the integrity of your brand while incorporating enough of a friend-like element that leaves a follower with the feeling of being important and led in the right direction.
  2. First in the relationship – Social is convenient, which means that it’s most likely the first stop shop that people will reach out to for information. Make sure you’re providing it. Awareness of how you’re including links, event details such as locations and times, hashtags, or the underlying message of your post is key. A follower shouldn’t be searching for the necessities – provide updates and answers when needed.
  3. Do your research – It’s hard enough for me to keep track of myself, let alone everything that makes up an entire brand or comes along with a client! Be sure to take the time to frequently refresh and familiarize yourself with what’s happening in the world your client revolves around. It will make your job easier and allows engaging with fans to feel more natural.
  4. Don’t take it personal – I’m still trying to figure out if the keyboard trolls run on a master schedule. They’ll always show up, no matter what approach you take. There will always be someone who will vent their frustrations in a way you won’t ever really be able to mend. Remember to keep your cool; it’s not geared towards you. Set up a plan of what you can address versus what you simply cannot and hold tight to it – do not succumb to the risk of letting your client falter at the mercy of a relentless complainer.
  5. Its Social Media! Share who you are! – Celebrate yourself proudly and leave an impression that is hard to shake. The point of this, when the day is said and done, is to share who you are and what you love, and in turn build the connection for others to love it too.
Lindsey Guidry, Account Coordinator Social media coordinator

Lindsey Guidry, Account Coordinator