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May 20, 2016
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Office-mate and fellow social ninja Danielle recently touched on the more visible changes to the Instagram app, but the one on my mind has been a bit more subtle. Well, for me at least. I have to admit when Instagram announced changing their algorithm away from chronological order, I was none too happy. Personally, I think Instagram is marching to the beat of their OWN algorithm.

Instagram explains they want you to “See the Moments You Care About First“, but what if I care about order and structure? What if I like seeing my feed and my friends/fave bloggers/companies chronologically?

Currently, only about 5% of users have been chosen as algorithm guinea pigs before Instagram applies it on a larger scale. I’ve been lucky and only seen minor changes, but those experiencing the new rollout such as Melody Hahm of Yahoo! Finance have found a major realignment to feeds. What Hahm describes here is what I’ve been dreading. Her favorite accounts are lost within the altered feed and posts that are pretty unimportant to her have been pushed to the top.

So are we really seeing the “moments we care about”? Or just seeing popular posts?

Here’s what this change could mean:

  • Instagram pushing monetized content for businesses, much like Facebook boosted posts.
  • Chronological option is a possibility but hasn’t been confirmed by Instagram.
  • You can prevent missing the posts you want to see by following specific accounts, but be ready for push notifications out the wazoo.
instagram marching to the beat of their own algorithm instagram marching to the beat of their own algorithm

(Learn how to turn post notifications on via Mashable)

This being said, I may not be Instagram’s average user. They report that users typically miss over 70% of their feeds. Maybe these aren’t the people who use their Instagram feed as a “brain break”every 1-2 hours like I do, but I’m sure all Instagram users would prefer the option to curate their feed as to how it is enjoyable for them.

In the meantime I’ll be taking a cue from one of my new favorite bloggers, Javacia Bowser, and brushing up on how to better navigate Instagram as a user and manage the app for clients.

instagram marching to the beat of their own algorithm instagram marching to the beat of their own algorithm

(Tips via See Jane Write Birmingham)

And if I’m being honest, I love the app too much for these changes to deter me from using it.

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