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April 29, 2016
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May 13, 2016
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Although we’ve managed the public relations and/or social media efforts for multiple client events, working with Festival Internationale 2016 was, by far, the largest event we’ve taken on – attendance, length, and moving parts. And even though we were only involved for three weeks (before, during, and after), we learned a lot and gained the utmost respect for the work that’s put into this unique festival and the people behind it.

Every event we’ve been involved with is different, and right when you think you’re as organized as you can possibly be, there’s always something that can be improved after your first year. Specifically to Festival, here are a few lessons we’ve taken away that can be applied to any event and especially a music festival of this stature:

  1. Review the ins and outs of EVERYTHING! Times; all people involved (from the Director to the Volunteers); promotions before, during, and after; media coverage before, during, and after; major sponsors and ALL of their social channels; attendee needs (parking, food, drink, ticket availability, baby care tent, phone charging station); musicians’ social channels, where they’re from, and their personality; collateral available; files available; and much more.
  2. With the collateral and files you received or learned about, make the most of them and use them as tools. There’s a designer and planner who put a lot of work into these. They would be honored to know that you value these.
  3. Now that you’ve reviewed EVERYTHING and obtained the collateral, create a Master Document with every detail and contact you need to KNOW and either memorize or have as reference. When you run into the President and not know that you did so, you may feel silly later when you realize you didn’t introduce yourself at that key moment.
  4. Stay energized and healthy, especially before the event. You’re running on adrenaline during and will be worn out afterwards so prepping with a lot of Vitamin C, a healthy diet, liters and liters of water, and getting as much prep sleep before is key.
  5. Know and respect your team. Whether it’s 1 other person or 10, you should be friendly, open, honest, and respectful of each person you’re digitally or physically joined-at-the-hip with for days. Tensions can be high at times, and then there are moments of laughter and fun, so think of this as a temporary marriage…for better or worse.
  6. It’s not over until it’s over. You’re exhausted, right? Oh well. It’s a guarantee that the Director/Organizer is more exhausted than you so step up! Even though you’ve completed your tasks, ask others if there’s a way that you can help them and do it…with a smile. And two days after the event is over, when you’ve had a slightly more acceptable amount of sleep and finished your remaining reporting or “house cleaning” tasks, offer your help again.