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April 22, 2016
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May 5, 2016
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Sometimes when you lose hope in how far your message can reach into a community, how loud your voice can shout, the power of social media comes in to give you a boost. It might have even brought my story to you already.

Last weekend, 92W was wrapped up in working with a client I’ve been much anticipating, Festival International de Louisiane. This was a project geared straight towards my interests, which meant all of my focus was going into capturing any moments of music and art that I could and connect through social. I wouldn’t have thought I would spend some time making my own personal social connections as well.

If you know Lafayette, Louisiana, during Festival, you know there isn’t a short supply of bikes in the area, and mine was ready to experience its first. I thoughtlessly left my bike inside of our office building where it’s common for those who work here to stash their two-wheeled mode of transportation. Looking to take a quick break from the action and heat, I came back to Lindsey and bike social mediaour base site in the ACA to find it a little emptier than I left it not two full hours before; my bike had left the festival…without me.

First thoughts, in the middle of working and needing to place my attention elsewhere, my immediate reaction was to accept that I would never find it in the sea of festival-goers but post a shout to my personal Facebook page anyways. Just a quick blurt about my stolen possession and a photo of the bike were what I could do in the moment, hoping that any friends may happen to see it riding the streets. To my grateful surprise, it got a little more attention than I bargained for. Over 300 shares ranging from friends to unknown people of my community, all the way to people who didn’t even reside in Lafayette, started sharing my post to get the word out. What do you know?! It worked. After a few tips over the weekend leading me to an identical bike not belonging to me during the festival, I get a call from our local bike shop, Hub City Cycles, as I’m leaving the office three days later.

Someone had come across my bike, miles away from the festival site and returned it to Hub bike2 social mediaCity Cycles. The coolest part of the story, coming from the desk of a social media girl, was that he had known the bike was stolen and missing-in-action – all from a Facebook share. Someone’s kind heart and the power of social was all it took to bring something so valuable back to me.

I’m biased to the rich city we live in; rich in culture, and the righteousness of its people. But the power of social media is present, something you should utilize to share your own messages and the words and ideas of others – in the most positive way.

— Lindsey Guidry, 92W Account Coordinator