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February 11, 2016
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March 3, 2016
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For years now, “Facebookers” have been asking for the “dislike” or “love” button on posts, and Facebook delivered … one of them … and many others. Now that emoticons are being used in grandma’s texts, and she’s also stalking your every move on Facebook (along with your auntie, godmother, past teacher and others in the 55+ demographic), EVERYONE  is officially prepared to take on Reactions!

But for those of us in the Social Media Marketing industry, another level of excitement and uncertainty is brought to our daily work lives. We’re excited about the sentiments being provided to our clients and maybe groaning just a little about the extra level of confusion and work coming to our client reports.  So we ask, how can we get our customers to use this? Will the angry face affect our brand image? So on and so forth. Don’t fret though, this is the beginning of a new way of measuring value from our consumers.

       “Focusing exclusively on Likes, replies, and basic engagement metrics won’t tell the whole story.”

    -Simply Measured co-founder and CPO Adam Schoenfeld

As we move forward with our favorite reporting software, Simply Measured, on deciphering the insights of Reactions, we’ll keep you updated on what we find. Our first assumption is that they’ll tell a story as well, but we’re not convinced that it will give us the answer that all Facebookers wanted in the first place – is this disliked (but not particularly angry) or just blah? And will all reactions translate the same for everyone??

And now these little buggers can be found everywhere.  We’ve even spotted them in our own office in the Acadiana Center for the Arts. Check out the gallery. Every canvas portrayed an emotion, just as we hope our client’s content will. Do you feel the same way we did as we toured the masterpieces in the ACA? 

IMG_2613 facebook reactions

IMG_2612 facebook reactions

IMG_2611 facebook reactions IMG_2625 facebook reactions