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February 25, 2015
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Running a small business can be time-consuming, filled with hundreds of small tasks that add up to a huge workload. Are you drowning in the small, daily, menial tasks that make up your job?

IFTTT might be your answer! I.F.T.T.T stands for “If This Then That”, a free web-service an mobile app (available for iOS and Android), that automates a ridiculous amount of services app-to-app and service-to-service. These are done through recipes, which can be created yourself, or added from other users that interact with channels (Facebook, Twitter, IG, etc). These are created using the formula: “If this (certain task or condition is met), then that (certain task is automated).”


I’ll use some of my favorite recipes to demonstrate the simpler things that it can do:

 If the forecast calls for rain, then receive a SMS notification.

This recipe checks the weather for rain, and I’ll receive a notice at that time telling me to grab a rain coat.

 If email from contact is received, then attachment is saved to Google Drive.

I receive a schedule every two weeks from a client’s email, and this recipe saved the spreadsheet schedule to the cloud.

 If I like a photo on Instagram, then photo is added to DropBox.

This allowed me to save all my liked photos into an “inspiration” folder for graphic design or photography.


As you can see, IFTTT can be used for just about anything, from cleverly convenient to downright powerful. It’s easy to use, but tough to master. Luckily, you can stand on the shoulders of giants and download recipes from others that work for them.


Some recipes that can help a small marketing firm:

 If you get a new Twitter follower, then send a thank you tweet.

 If you upload a new Instagram photo, then the picture is uploaded to Twitter (instead of a link).

 If you publish a WordPress blog, then a tweet is published linking to it.

 If a Google Calendar event starts, then a tweet is sent.

 If a new tweet with a certain hashtag is published (using Page2RSS), then a row is added to a Google spreadsheet.


All these small tasks and more can be automated to save you time and headache and allow yourself to work on more important tasks, or perhaps take a longer lunch break!


More great apps that I use:



Tasker for Android