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As with most businesses, the start of a new year means time for strategy, planning, and preparing for what the year has in store. Working in social media is no different. So, what exactly does social media in 2015 look like? Ads, ads, and more ads.

This is not an entirely new approach for business and social media; Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have already been incorporating ads into their channels. Advertising across social channels will be bigger than ever in 2015. Businesses who are looking to promote and use social media effectively in 2015 should take note of advertising costs when preparing a budget plan.

In 2015, Facebook will be cracking down on pages posting ad-like content to promote their products or services. This is because users want to see less promotional content in their news feed. Facebook has banned “like-gating” and is asking for more engaging content from business pages. If a business wants to boost one of their posts, Facebook will first have to approve it before any money can be spent ensuring that the post will be seen in a user’s news feed. Some tips on what to incorporate into your business’s 2015 Facebook strategy can be found here:

How does this play into other social channels? Instagram is also in the process of developing ad services that will allow an account to purchase ad space that will appear in an Instagram user’s feed. You may have already seen some of these ads in 2014, mostly from production companies promoting upcoming films. Putting money into ads on Instagram means a user will not have to be a follower of a company’s Instagram account to see these ads. The ads will still display as a normal Instagram post, therefore users not currently following the page can be directed to the account, gaining more followers. While these paid ads are not widely available yet, Instagram has still proven to be a great platform for social media marketing.

Also new for 2015 is Pinterest including Promoted Pins. Starting in January, Pinterest will be selling ad space to marketers. Pinterest is aiming to keep the ads looking like the rest of the content but targeting certain users. The money spent on a Promoted Pin ad will target pinners based on where they live and what topics they have shown interest in. For example, a food-related Promoted Pin would appear on a recipe board. You can read more on Pinterest ads here:

Hope the new year is treating you well!