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June 30, 2014
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September 4, 2014
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E-Commerce. For many, it’s the end goal. Whether you’re publishing a press release, posting content on Facebook, tweeting out events, the end goal is to drive consumers to purchase your brand. All the work that you put in through the week doesn’t matter if it doesn’t result in sales. This was our purpose for attending IRCE  in Chicago. How do our Social Media efforts end in online sales? Here were our takeaways:

1. Always personalize the user experience on each channel. Tap into your consumer’s wants and needs, and give them what they want and not just what you want to promote.

2. Always interact with consumers.

-Monitoring on your social media channels is great, but it’s important to go out on the web and search for what’s being said about your brand outside of your bubble. Drive them to your website for answers.

-Utilize more industry partners, celebrities, sponsored pros, guests, etc. to chat with your fans too. If you can provide this inside source to them, do it. It makes your brand more credible.

3. Create content just for social media, but customize for each channel: 15 second videos just for Instagram, large product pictures just for Facebook and Pinterest, event pictures just for Twitter, etc.

4. Keep conversations open-ended, ask questions in posts, and drive consumers to your website for more answers.

5. Which social media channels are working? Max those out with more of your budget. Stay off of any that you know you can’t excel on.

6. Utilize cross-channel promotion and include your website link on every social channel.

7. Use timely trends to create promos. If the trend is gone, opportunity has passed. Move on.

8. Use fan feedback from your social channels to improve your product and let them know when you make this happen. Then drive them to the website store for them to purchase.

9. Always BE TESTING!

-Which posts drive more traffic – is it product or lifestyle? Max out what works best.

-IRCE speakers suggest you put links in Instagram posts even though followers can’t automatically click through. Test this. Does it drive more traffic than posting the link in your bio?

Did you attend? What did you learn?