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June 10, 2014
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June 30, 2014
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At L’Acadian, we work with some great brands that not only have been successful, but have also given back to others in need, to the environment or to the industry they reside in and treasure. We feel we’re doing our part by consulting these clients, but how else are we giving? We donate to multiple non-profits, but do we volunteer? We try our best to buy local and support the small businesses, since we’re a small business ourselves, but that doesn’t stop us from exceeding our budgets at Target.

I’ve been on a quest lately … what brands out there provide a product or service that was started with a bigger cause? There was the popular Tom’s Shoes (6), but they started small. What other fun products, that I would be interested in buying or gifting to another, began with a vision that was deeper than just fashion or feeding the needs of the frivolous and fortunate? Here’s a great line-up of those that are making a difference.

If you know of others, we’d love to hear them. My next laptop bag comes from Better Life Bags (2).

Fun Products With A Purpose

1. United By Blue: For every purchase, they take out one pound of trash for oceans and waterways per each product sold. Variety of bags, clothes, etc.

2. Better Life Bags: Only using high quality materials, they provide them to females in a low income community in Detroit that are not able to find jobs but need financial support. Then they teach them how to sew and pay them for the work completed. 10% of their revenue goes to as well.

3. 31 Bits: Creates opportunity for more than 100 women in Northern Uganda who turn recycled paper into a line of colorful jewelry. In addition to a fair and consistent income, 31 Bits provides training and counseling to the women.

4. Krochet Kids International: Employing more than 180 women to make hats, clothing and accessories, Krochet Kids intl. works to lift those individuals and their families out of poverty through a fair, consistent income, skills training and mentorship.

5. Activyst: On a mission to help more girls play sports because sports are a simple tool that makes a huge difference. In the past year, we funded individual projects in Nicaragua, Uganda, the U.S. and Canada, and three projects in Ethiopa.

6. Tom’s Shoes: For every shoe bought, a shoe is given to the needy in 60 different countries.