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May 13, 2013
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October 31, 2013
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Thanks to social media, the internet and now, Facebook’s permission for Business Pages to run a giveaway without a 3rd party, the freebies are flying! All in an effort to increase engagement with fans, you may be disappointed when your sweepstakes or contests fall flat. Low entries, no likes, no shares – what gives? Here’s a few tips to help you get the most out of your giveaway efforts, especially for the small business owners! I mean … who doesn’t want to win free gifts, right?!

1. Join up with a partner. Whether you’re giving away your product only, their product only or both, it always helps to join up with a friend in the business to make the prize bigger in value and/or promote for each other. Alone, you may have a small social following (or you may be lucky enough to have a large one) but having a “partner in giveaway crime” will guarantee to get your brand more attention. At least, it will get you more attention than doing it alone.

2. Make sure that partner has a relevant product. You make bean dip and your “friend in the business” makes chips. Great match! You make bean dip and your friend makes gardening tools … huh? Okay, that’s a far stretch, but the point is to make sure the joint package is common in theme and of interest to both of your fan-bases.

3. Have a great image to post and promote. If you’re giving away bean dip and chips, then make sure you have a picture of the ACTUAL prize in all of your marketing efforts. Just a generic “Win” or “Free” graphic doesn’t tell the full story, and it won’t pull in as many participants. Social Media addicts, or just society in general, prefer more imagery and less words.

4. Ask for help in promoting. So, back to those “friends in the business.” I’m sure you’ve been asked, “Will you post this on your page?” or “Will you send out a tweet and share this?” Now, it’s your turn. What’s the worst that could happen? You may get ignored or politely be told “no,” but it’s worth a try. You’ve put in the time and effort to create this great prize (even if it’s just bean dip and chips) so make sure everyone knows, including those outside of your existing fan-base. And make sure you provide them with all of the correct info: links to the giveaway, picture of the prize/package, suggested wording, etc. Ask that they share through any channel that they’re willing to use: Facebook Page, Twitter Feed, Newsletter, etc.

5. Use a low-cost app. So now that you can run a promotion on Facebook without a 3rd party (Click here for instructions), it’s not necessary to use a 3rd party to host your giveaway. But … if you have the time and access to some graphic design assistance, check out these following hosts: Votigo, ShortStack and Offerpop. They can be inexpensive, plus these hosts are easy to use, provide reporting, allow you to fan-gate, provides share functions and much more!