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March 12, 2013
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October 15, 2013
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Friends, family, colleagues, and many other referrals have come our way to ask the question, “How can you help me get the word out about my new business?” And, after learning for ourselves, we ask this question back – “Do you have the following?”

1. Website

2. Logo

3. Business Phone and Email

4. Plan and vision for your own brand.

Now, even though we can help with the 4th step, we always require that the first 3 exists before we can step in and provide Public Relations and Social Media services. If we don’t have a “base” to send the public or media to, then we’re “pulling the cart before the horse” (for lack of a better term).

I just came across this article this morning with a great “Digital” checklist for new start-up companies. Now, there’s a few items in here that you don’t need before you give L’Acadian Communications a ring, but it’s a good guide to start you in the right direction. For example, Steps 13 and 16 don’t need to happen right away, and we suggest a Facebook Page WAY before Google+, as mentioned in Step 4.

Click here for Full Article from Inc.com.

Brief Checklist (with some of our edits):

1. Register a domain with GoDaddy or HostGator.

2. Create a LinkedIn profile and Company Page.

3. Google-Ize

4. Claim your Google+ Business Page (L’Acadian suggests Facebook Page instead.)

5. Round out your social networking. (We suggest mastering Facebook before you jump into Twitter, Instagram, etc.)

6. Fill out local citations such as Yelp, UrbanSpoon, GooglePlaces, etc., (if it’s relevant to your company.)

7. Start using MailChimp (or at least become familiar with their service and email formats when your email list is ready).

8. Pick an Anti-Virus tool such as Symantec or McAfee.

9. Start blogging (also great content for when you send out emails).

10. Choose how to collaborate if you have remote employees. Check out Basecamp.com or Teambox.com.

11. Install a router.

12. Choose a cloud storage provider such as Google Cloud Storage or Dropbox.

13. Think like a SurveyMonkey and send out questionnaires to consumers (when your Facebook Page or Email program is ready).

14. Get a virtual phone number (especially if you’re working remotely) with CloudAware or Twillio.

15. Choose your SEO keywords (before you work with your web designer).

16. Make YouTube videos (if it shows how great your product is).

17. Create a back-up system (you can always purchase one at Office Depot, use a USB drive if you have small files or check out Pogoplug for an online backup system).

18. Go online for CRM (if you’re a sales-based company). Salesforce.com is popular.

19. Pick an email platform such as Outlook.com or Microsoft Exchange Online. (We happen to love our Gmail, and this should be one of the first 3 steps.)

20. Create a way to accept payments with someone like PayPal or Square.