The Itch …

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September 4, 2012
Black Friday
November 20, 2012
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… I have it. The itch to experience real foliage, wear a jacket ALL DAY and enjoy the outdoors … at a comfortable 75 degrees. But. Since Louisiana only teases a few “Fall” days and jumps straight from green grass to dead in a week, I have this awesome job to virtually escape. And since I won’t actually be traveling to northern country with brisk air, streams and orange leaves anytime soon, I guess I’ll just have to enjoy some of these beautiful images that have come through in email and feeds the past month. Hmph. It’s a sad story, I know, but it’s time to do something about it. For now, I’ll just envy those in the scenery below.


I hope you enjoy them too!

From Double Haul Travel:


From (Photographer: Dan Armstrong):

From Simms Fishing Wading Room Blog: