Ring in the New Year

What do I have to be thankful for?
November 21, 2011
January 17, 2012
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Merry “belated” Christmas to all! I hope it was filled with relaxation, quality time with family and presents-a-plenty! Even though presents are not the “reason for the season,” it’s still a nice touch to the joyous occasion.

Even though the work didn’t stop here, it did slow down, and it’s been nice to have time to refresh, regroup, re-organize, etc., etc. The noggin’ needs a vacation every once in a while … especially before the new year kicks into full gear. As I stop and reflect on 2011, I think about what we’ve learned at L’Acadian:

1. Use resources: When trying to be original, there’s still no need to re-create the wheel or start from scratch. We have so many online resources to existing templates, promos, ideas, plans, presentations, and more. It may not always be the best use of your time to come up with the “most unique” of them all. You just need to tweak and improve.

2. More is not always better: When posting to a clients’ Facebook Page or Twitter Feed, we have to stop and think, “Would I care to read this?” If we don’t have anything to say, is it better to fill up the quiet space with noise or do we wait for quality content to come into play? We choose the latter. Jibber-jabber is just annoying, and besides, consumers know when you’re forcing it. The same applies for sending out press releases.

3. Push back. This has been a work in progress since the inception of L’Acadian 3 years ago, but as we gain more experience, we learn to say, “I’m the pro, and this is what I advise.” – Said in a non-arrogant tone, of course. 🙂

4. Tame the inbox. As we gain more clients, sign up for more newsletters, subscribe to more feeds, and on and on and on … our inbox can get OUT OF CONTROL! Personally, I schedule a time every week to clean out the inbox and spam, unsubscribe to newsletters I don’t read anymore and set certain chain of emails as priority. And as the L’Acadian team grows, this will become a part of standard training. Sounds fun, huh?

–Laurie Driggs Fontenot